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Export guidelines within the EU

The export of automotives within the EU is subject to special guidelines. So that you know whereon you should pay special attention to we summarised the most important information for you on this page!

Before the creation of the contract of sale

To interrogate the sales tax we need:
  • copy of the business registration or certificate of registration including the name and address of your company
  • sales tax identification number
  • copy of the owner´s or manager´s identification card (ID card)

After the check of the sales tax identification number

  • ... we create the contract of sale.
  • ... we create the net invoice.
  • We keep the whole sales tax as bond until the proof of registration or motor vehicle license in the EU country is adduced.
  • The car can be picked up.
    For the case that the pickup occures by an employee of your company or a shipping company, the driver needs a certificate of authority.
  • On demand we organise short time license plates (at the most 5 days) for you.
  • COC-certificate (certificate of conformity, in German it is called "EWG-Übereinstimmungsbescheinigung") will be delivered with all the other documents.
  • motor vehicle registration certificate part 1 & 2 will be delivered with all the other documents.

After the pickup or rather after the import in the EU country

  • Send us the cars´ original certificate of registration via mail (or e-mail or rather fax) within 3 months.
  • As soon as the registration got proved, you can pick up the bond locally at our car dealership in cash or we will remit it to you.

NEW from the 01.01.2014: Entry Certificate!

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